Sometimes, you just want a Great Burger


As a fine dining chef, I always had this strange desire to serve hamburgers. It’s something that I always love to eat, so I thought it would be great to make a Great Hamburger. Now I have the opportunity. There’s the fine dining side of the restaurant and the bistro side. At Terrapin Red Bistro … Continued

Have you tasted one of Irving Mink’s Tomatoes?


This time of year in the Hudson Valley is one of my absolute favorites. With all the great local ingredients available from our favorite farms such as Migliorelli Farm, Sky Farms, Brittany Hollow to name a few, the menu becomes that much more robust with local fresh flavors. One of my favorite vendors is Irving … Continued

Horseradish-crusted Ahi Tuna with Miso Aioli


For 10 years the horseradish crusted ahi tuna with miso aioli has been the most popular dish at Terrapin Restaurant. I use sushi grade #1 tuna for this dish and sear it briefly on both sides in a non-stick pan, leaving the center raw. Really, the key to this dish is the freshness of the … Continued

Dark and Stormy


Fill glass with iceadd1.25oz Mount Gay Rum6oz Reeds Extra Ginger beera tiny splash of fresh squeezed lime juicefloat .75oz Cruzan Black Strap dark rum on topgarnish with a lime wedgeENJOY!!!

If I had the time and energy to throw a party


I sometimes do have dinner parties, in fact I enjoy having people over for dinner. My time however is always in short supply. The other consideration is that if I am having people over for dinner, I want to spend as much time as possible with them, and not necessarily in the kitchen. Given those … Continued

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