Hudson Valley Food & Farming – Why Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell Me That?


FarmOn!-Book-SigningTerrapin is excited to welcome our friend Tessa Edick, founder and executive director of the FarmOn! Foundation to Terrapin Red Bistro on December 18th, 2014 from 4pm to 6pm to celebrate the release of her new book, Hudson Valley Food & Farming – Why Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell Me That.

Farming has sustained the Hudson Valley for more than four hundred years. Family farms grow succulent fruits and wholesome vegetables, from corn and cabbage to apples and peaches. They raise cows, chickens and lambs, and produce an array of cheese and other fresh products. Hudson Valley locavores are once again turning to neighborhood farms for the freshest foods–and in the process they are revitalizing the local economy and preserving the rich lands that are their heritage. Author Tessa Edick and the FarmOn! Foundation are at the heart of this local movement. Their work is so simple yet so impactful, that you will wonder “why didn’t anyone ever tell me that?” With stunning photographs and an insightful narrative, Edick introduces some of the most innovative and inspiring Hudson Valley farmers along with their delectable harvest.

In celebration of Tessa’s new book, Terrapin will be offering a special menu of locally inspired cocktails at the event. Stop by for a drink, some good conversation, and to get your book signed!

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  1. Hi there. I recently visited your lovely resaurant and left absolutely obsessed with your amazing goat cheese wontons. I was wondering if you\’d be willing to share this recipe on the blog or via an email reply?

    Thanks for considering my request and I look forward to visting next Fall.

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