Why the Craft Beer Experience is the Best Beer Festival in the Hudson Valley


Terrapin's New York State Craft Beer Experience

Terrapin’s 3rd annual Craft Beer Experience will be on September 13, 2014. Here are 5 reasons that you should reserve your tickets now:

1. You won’t need to fight your way through a crowd to get to the beer that you want to try.

Only 100 tickets are available to the event, and staggered start times and a defined path to taste along ensure that no more than 8 people will be tasting at any one tasting station at the same time. Less spilled beer and more time to actually taste the beer. But this also means you should reserve tickets asap.

2. The people pouring your beer will actually be able to talk to you about what they are pouring.

All of the staff at the event will be educated professionals, not volunteers pouring to get a free drink.

3. This festival is about the beer, not just the breweries.

Yes, your favorite New York State breweries will all be here. But beers will be arranged by style rather than by brewery. So you’ll be tasting four wheat beers or four stouts next to each other – you might learn something about your personal tastes or find a new beer that you love, but you never thought you’d like.

4. The food is included.

At each of the 10 stations, there will be a flight of four beers for you to taste. And food to go with them, prepared by Chef Kroner to complement those beers. Included. No waiting in line at food trucks or overpaying for food after tasting 40 beers.

5. You’ll be tasting a lot of beer.

By the end of the day, you’ll have tasted more than 80 ounces of beer from over 20 New York State Breweries. And (if you’re up to it!) you get a pint of your choice from any of the taps in Red Bistro, on us, at the end of the day. We’ll gladly call you a cab, or bring a DD along to enjoy the food and non-alcoholic beverages for $26/person.

Get your tickets online now or call us at 845-876-3330.
Groups of more than six please call 845-876-3330.
For more information, read the festival FAQs here.

We're open for dining every day from 11:30am-Midnight! Indoor seating, patio seating & takeout available.

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